so it BEGINS… slightly differently than we had planned…

In the beginning, our idea for the BOTANif product line was to launch an entirely unique, line of PROFESSIONAL GRADE products. Thanks to a brilliant team of scientist and product engineers, we were able to speed up our launch timeline and provide you with an entire line of products ready to go, right now. We want to help you when you need us most.

Almost in the blink of an eye, our world, your world, has changed with the COVID-19 global pandemic. Amid the confusion and chaos, and an ever-changing environment amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we felt the need to pivot and immediately provide support and help to our community. We have the expertise to fill a void and provide much-needed products that are in short supply. These industrial and medical grade products can help everyone feel and live a safer, germ-free life.

So, we have revamped our production facilities to make the best FDA recommended formulation for hand sanitizer and surface cleaner. We are here to supplement and help fill the shortages that we are all experiencing. This anti-microbial formulation is strong, it is safe, and it is tested. We make our sanitizer in small batches, with care, love, and precision. We do it this way in the hope that we can ease your stress and worry in some small part.

BOTANif products are already being used by businesses, health care professionals, governments, law enforcement and individuals. Our product is ethanol based, pure and strong. Our team cares about each other, our families, and you. We want to help everyone as we fight through this chaotic time together. We hope you will see this love in each of our products, and feel it every time you use it.

Let us know if you need anything special, or if you have any new ideas. Feel free to call us even if you just need someone to listen. We are here for you. We build the best. We are PURE, TESTED and PROVEN.

Stay safe and stay strong…

We want to help you live a healthier, safer life.