About us…

BOTANif was created for professionals to have access to the highest grade pure, tested, and proven products they can trust. Our core belief understands that as professionals, you demand quality and transparency for your employees, patients, and customers. You, more than anyone else, need to know everything that is being put into the products you recommend.

For BOTANif customers, we believe you have the right to have professional products, recommended by professionals, and for professionals.

Leadership in the industry guides you, helps you live better, healthier, and more productive lives. Your trust in those professionals demands products that reflect that trust. Whether those products are purchased at your professional office or a retailers business, or you purchase conveniently online, we hope that BOTANif products are part of your success.

We look at BOTANif as a small, yet important, component of your wellness team. Our products are only available by recommendation from your professionals, tracked by our professional team. During the COVID19 crisis, we are opening orders up to anyone, anywhere – just call us or buy on-line.

All too often, the products most commonly used are shrouded in secrecy, confusion, or worse, a malicious intent to actually hide ingredients. We at BOTANif are tired of those excuses.

What IF… you could have access to natural products, recommended by professionals for professionals?

What IF… you knew for certain, every single ingredient that was used in the products your professionals recommend, every single-time, was Pure, Tested, and Proven?

What IF… your wellness team acted like a real team, shared information, cheered for each other, supported each other, and worked together to develop better products? What if we all worked together to achieve full transparently for us all to live better lives?

This is BOTANif, a new way to purchase professional grade products, with honesty and transparency, with quality and consistency, every single time.

the Professional Advantage.



PURE products require PURE ingredients. We source or manufacture our own ingredients and then build our product formulations with transparency, utilizing pharmaceutical grade processes to create each one of our products.


Our rigorous quality control procedures and in-house lab analysis backed by 3rd party audits ensures product purity and consistency every time, giving our customers the assurance of quality and consistency they require.


We’re working for our customers, actively promoting legislation and engaging in research with key universities to better protect and promote the interest, health and well-being of our agricultural partners and customers.

We want to help you live a healthier, safer life.